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RVS series

RVS wire

RVS wire is fully called copper core PVC insulated twisted type connection with soft wire, twisted pair of soft wire, referred to as twisted pair, commonly known as "flower line", at the present stage, this kind of wire is used in fire control system, also called "fire line".
Chinese name
Copper core PVC insulated twisted connection flexible wire and stranded multi ply flexible wire for fire fighting system.
Foreign language name
RVS wire
The letter S represents the twisted pair
The letter R represents the soft line
The letter V represents polyvinyl chloride (insulator)
Standard: JB/T 8734.3-2012
The use of RVS twisted pair line:
1. more detectors used for automatic fire alarm systems.
2. it is suitable for household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting lines. The double white core is used for directly connecting the lamp holder line; the red blue core is used for fire fighting, alarm, etc. the red and white core is used for broadcasting and telephone lines, and the red black core is used for broadcasting lines.
3. for connecting power amplifier and audio equipment, broadcasting system transmit audio signal amplified by power amplifier.
Conductor: strand of bare copper wire (BC) or tinned copper wire (TC).
Insulation: PVC insulating material