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Our company strictly according to the ISO9001 quality certification system standards, from raw materials procurement to the factory to production, inspection, packaging, transportation and other links, our company has a professional department, in the whole process of strict quality, to ensure that the quality of products meet the requirements of national standards and bidding documents.

1. Purchase of raw materials
Our company first selects the qualified supplier through the raw material tender, and then ensures the raw material to meet the national standard through the raw material inspection, the reinspection and the qualified warehouse.

Two. Production inspection
1, our products are strictly in accordance with national standards for production.
2, our products are strictly tested in accordance with national standards, including self inspection, reinspection and factory inspection after the finished product, to ensure that the unqualified products do not come out of the factory.

Three, packing, transportation
1, our products are strictly packed according to the requirements of national standards and bidding documents.
2, entrust a professional remote transportation company and sign a transport contract to ensure the quality and safety of products during transportation. In addition, our company specifically insured the products provided in the process of manufacturing, transportation and loading and unloading. Once an accident occurs, we will replace the supplied products as soon as possible until the customer is satisfied.

Our company ensures that the products provided are new, unused, and in all respects the quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the relevant national standards and bidding documents.