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The main use of cable specifications and models for flammabl

Time:2018-04-28 10:49:58

1. Explosion-proof and flame retardant control cable
The scope of application of the control cable: it is suitable for the exchange of the rated voltage (U 0 /U) 450/750V and the signal transmission, control and measurement system of electrical and electrical equipment and distribution devices in metallurgical, electric, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises. The rated voltage is: 0.45/0.75kV. ZRIA-KVV, ZRIA-KYJV, ZRIA-KYJVP, ZRIA-KVVR, IAZR-KVVRP, IAZR-KVVP, IAZR-KVVP2, IAZR-KVVP22, IAZRKVVP32, ZRIA-KVVP2-22, ZRKFV, ZRKFF, ZRKFF, ZRKFF, ZRIA-KVVR, etc. The maximum permissible working temperature of cable conductor: 90 centigrade crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable, 70 centigrade PVC insulated cable, low smoke halogen free flame retardant polyolefin insulated cable at 70, 90, and 150 ~ 250 centigrade by fluoroplastic insulation. The insulation of silicone rubber is 180 C.
2. Flame retardant and explosion-proof computer cable
The application scope of computer cable: the shielded shielded signal cable belongs to one of the special cables of the electronic computer system. It is an urgent necessary product for the modern industrial construction. It is widely used in the energy industry, metallurgical industry, petroleum, chemical industry and other factories and scientific research departments of electronic computers, instruments and instruments, and various automatic testing. Equipment and other information transmission and control systems, especially for the computer distributed control system, to transmit the process variables of the production device to detect, control, analog and digital signals. Commonly used cable models are: ZRIA-DJYVP, ZRIA-DJYPVP, ZRIA-DJYP2VP2, ZRIA-DJYPV22, ZRIA-DJYP3VP3, ZRIA-DJYVP32, ZRIA-DJYP2VP2-22, etc. The PVC insulated cable is 70 degrees, the XLPE cable is 90 C, and the fluoroplastic insulated cable is 150 ~ 250 C.
3. Flame retardant and explosion-proof coaxial cable
The flame retardant and explosion proof video coaxial cable is suitable for signal transmission connection feeder in petroleum, chemical, fire, mine and underground video monitoring system. The series of flame-proof and explosion-proof coaxial cables must be laid separately. This product has flame retardancy and shielding.
IAYV-50-3, IAYV-50-5, IAYV-50-7, IASYV-50-9, IASYV-50-12
Main technical characteristics
The characteristic impedance of the 1. IASYV-75 series is 75 Omega.
The characteristic impedance of the 2. IAYV-50 series is 50 Omega.
3. the insulation resistance of the cable is not less than 5000M ohm km at 20 C.
4. the flame retardancy of cables is tested by vertical combustion in MT386-1995.
5. applicable environment and working conditions,
The explosion-proof cable has IA grades, such as control cable, signal cable, computer cable, coaxial RF cable and so on. Under normal working condition, there is a fault or two faults in the circuit, and no explosive gas mixture can be ignited. In the IA circuit, the working current is limited to less than 100mA, which is suitable for chemical, oil refining, ship and so on.
IB grade: explosive gas mixture can not be found when there is a fault in normal operation and in circuit. In the IB circuit, the working current is limited to less than 150mA, which is suitable for mines and explosion-proof devices.