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Family cable arrangement

Time:2018-04-28 10:50:37

As a result of personal habits and insurance, many people like to keep unused data lines and wires. The result is that one or more wiring boards are fitted with a large pile of cables that many people don't want to see. Qingdao Huaqiang Cable Co., Ltd. recommends to you some family cable arrangement.
Method 1
All the toilet paper canisters that have been used in the house have been used to arrange the data lines, get the same length into the hard paper tube, write the use, one or two plug the tube, and then put it in the drawer.
Method 2
Wrap up the unused data lines and tie them down to prevent scattering. After sorting, bags can be classified and put in the locker.
Method 3
There are a lot of small packages dedicated to digital appliances on the Internet, which can properly organize mobile phones, power adapters, cables and other personal items to ensure that they are no longer disorganized. Moreover, most of the bags are small enough to be placed in any bag and drawer.