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How to choose a sheath cable - RVV sheath soft cable

Time:2018-04-28 10:51:19

When purchasing RVV sheathed flexible cables, Qingdao Huaqiang Cable Co., Ltd.
1, first, is the outer sheath, the high quality wire and cable outer sheath color is more distinct, the feel is very good, mainly soft, with nail pinch will not leave a very clear white marks.
2, then look at the cross section, from the outer layer of the sheath to the middle insulation layer, to keep the thickness of the uniform, if some local sheath is very thick and some local sheath is very thin, such a line is not very good, the thick place is good to say, it is not easy to wear, the thin place is more dangerous, the best is The thickness is uniform. This is easy to distinguish with the naked eye.
3. The most important is the conductor
(1) first, the conductor should be light and no oxidizing trace.
(2) then the flexibility of the conductor. If it is pure copper, it will not break down for more than ten times. If it contains copper, it is easy to break.
(3) the most important is the resistance and wire diameter of the conductor, this need to have relevant professional equipment to measure, if the condition of the condition in the choice of the best time to carry out the measurement, the general professional wire and cable manufacturers will provide the corresponding testing service when selling, the majority of friends can also choose and purchase. Put forward the corresponding testing requirements, which is the right that consumers should enjoy.
RVV full name: copper core PVC insulated PVC sheath soft cable, the main specifications are multi core soft wire, used for various electrical equipment power lines, the most common is the air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, TV and other power lines, are RVV sheath line, and the usual use of sockets, also known as plug in the power supply. Line, and this kind of sheathing line.