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Aluminum alloy cable


ZC-TC90(-40) - XLPE insulated polyvinyl chloride sheathed aluminum alloy power cable - also known as: YJHLV, YJGLHV, YJXLHV - replace copper cable YJV, ZR-YJV, VV series products

Product introduction
ZC-TC90 non-armoured cables are made of aluminium alloy conductors with cross sections ranging from 16 mm2 to 400 mm2. The core is ASTM B compression strand type, which meets the standards of GB/T 1838.3-2001 flame retardant grade C aluminium alloy cable conductor and GB/T 12706.1 and IEC 60502 latest edition.
Conductor is aluminium alloy, insulating material adopts crosslinked polyethylene insulation at 90 C, and external black PVC protective sheath.
Comprehensive performance
Price: On the premise of achieving the same electrical performance, the price of aluminium alloy cable is about 30%~50% lower than that of copper core cable.
Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong ductility, low rebound, stable connection
Insulation: high temperature resistance, anti-combustion, anti-aging, strong durability, low carbon environmental protection.
Sheath: Lead-free and cadmium-free PVC can be installed in wet places, directly buried or laid in cement.
Use: Aluminum alloy power cables have been widely used in developed countries such as the United States and Canada.
application area
Suitable for 600V~35kV voltage level; suitable for dry or wet places at 90 ~C; indoor and outdoor installation, vertical installation, bracket or laying along the wall, underground direct installation; minimum bending radius is 7 times outside diameter, also 360 degree bending; suitable for civil, commercial, industrial, school, large venues and other places.