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Aluminum alloy cable


AC90 armored cable is a kind of high flexible self-locking aluminum armored, 90 degree cross-linked polyethylene insulated single core or multi-core low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable. AC90 reduces the construction difficulty and labor cost caused by pipeline wiring. The cables are assembled with high flexible self-locking aluminium armor in factories, without the need for pipes and accessories, and manual intensive drawing, buckling and piping processes.

Product standard
AC90 has passed CSA certification and can be used for laying open or dark wires in non-humid environment. It has the same characteristics as pipeline laying. AC90 is low smoke and halogen-free. It meets the project standards of IE60754, GB17650.2, IEC60502.1 and GB12706.1.
Comprehensive performance
Price: On the premise of achieving the same electrical performance, the price of AC90 aluminium alloy cable is about 30%~50% lower than that of copper core cable.
Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong ductility, low rebound, stable connection
Insulation: high temperature resistance, anti-combustion, anti-aging, strong durability, low carbon environmental protection.
Armored layer: superior economic performance, special self-locking form, strong and tough.
Scope of use
Suitable for 600V~35kV voltage level; suitable for dry or wet places at 90 ~C; indoor and outdoor installation, vertical installation, bracket or laying along the wall, minimum bending radius is 7 times outside diameter, also 360 degree bending; suitable for civil, commercial, industrial, large-scale venues, entertainment venues, mines, subway and various levels of dangerous areas and other places.